SMaSH Brew Day

I was reading a WordPress blog a few weeks back and came across this term I’ve heard a few times but never really knew what it was: Smash-Brewing.  I had thought it was some slang term for some type of Super MASH procedure. Maybe it was technique similar to BIAB(Brew in a bag) Mash, but with a different set of tools. No, after reading the blog I learned it actually stood for Single Malt and Single Hop. “Huh…Thats

Yeast hanging out with some Westvleteren beers. 

interesting.” I thought.

Just so happens that a few days later I spoke with my buddy Leigh of Mop Top Brewing about a collaboration we had been planning for a few weeks or months. I mentioned that I wanted to try a SMaSH brew. Not surprisingly, he had the same reaction I had weeks earlier, “What the hell is that?”.  I explained it. He seemed on board, but we both admitted it could be a very boring beer. Granted, further research had informed me that part of the Smash brew was to learn the subtle nuances of a single hop and grain and how they interacted with each other. It is a learning experiment.

That is all fine and dandy, but we waned to do a little different. So, we went all wheat. Thats right, 100% wheat – not even rice hulls for the sparging. As far as hops go we chose one of my favorites and one that Leigh had not really messed with before: El Dorados.

Our grain bill included over 13 pounds of wheat. We milled these a little more coarse than normal just to aid in the sparge process. It didn’t seem to affect efficiency as we still ended up around 80%.

As for yeast…we decided to make that different as well. Wyeast #3463 Forbidden Fruit. Neither of us have ever used it but it is supposed to be a good yeast for experimental Belgian style ales. And, by our estimates, thats about what we made.

I don’t generally publish my grain bills, but here is this one

0.5 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAu Flameout/Whirlpool
0.25 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAu 5 mins
0.25 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAu 10 mins
0.25 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAu 20 mins
0.25 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAu 26 mins
0.5 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAu 60 mins
1.0 oz El Dorado 14.9 % AAuDry Hop 5 days
13.25LB White Wheat Malt
1.2 Liter Starter Wyeast Forbidden Fruit Yeast.

We did a protein rest at the high end of the scale at 127F for 30 minutes.
Our Mash was at 151 for 75 minutes.
We used a water profile similar to Orval.

Our Measured OG was 1.056
Est FG is 1.012.

We’ll ferment at 65F.

We will induce our Dry-Hop AFTER 5 days in the fermenter.

Heres to our bold crazy brew, codename: Ale Force One. I’ll update this as time goes on.

Happy Brewing




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