FWIBF and new brews.

My wife and I were, once again, very lucky to get tickets for the Firestone Walker invitation beer fest. Of course, at nearly $90 a ticket and only a very limited amount of tix, I don’t know why it’s called an invitational. Her theory is maybe it’s an invitational for all the breweries there…

It’s by far our favorite beer expo though. For five hours it’s free food, free booze, free souvenirs everywhere(hats, glasses, chapsticks, stickers, coupons, buttons, photobooths etc). It’s definitely not cheap, but I figure at most festivals we pay $40-50 to get in, and then end up spending another $30 on food trucks anyway. 

There were over 100 different beers there but I only got to try about 60. It was 98F outside, and I learned from last year that you really need to be smart or you’ll end up:

  1. In a stretcher getting hauled out
  2. In a corner puking
  3. Blacked out
  4. Absolutely sick.

Fortunately, none of things happened to us this year, and last year we just ended up really drunk, but we saw all these things happening to other people. This year though, didn’t really get too hammered. If I didn’t like I beer I would dump it in a beer spitting receptacle, as opposed to last year where I would chug it. 

If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. The tickets usually got on sale in February and they sell out in about thirty seconds! The event is usually held in May/June. 


In other news, I’m excited to announce that our UK mutt beer is almost done. It’s a brown ale/Scottish 60 shilling mix. I’ve had a few samples of it over the past couple days and it’s pretty spectacular. Only about 4.2% but it had a nice nuttyness to it while still being just a little sweet. I used some grains I’ve never used before which also livened things up for. Specifically, Golden Promise and Special Roast. The grain bill also contained a bit of roasted barley, honey malt, Munich malt and Belgian pale as its backbone. There might have been a touch of acid malt in there, too. For hope we used East Kent Goldings all the way around. Three additions of about an ounce each. Will let you all know how this comes out in a weeks time! 

Jimmy rigged way to measure wort temperature for the circulation pump.
In other news, our Munich Helles(Helles yeah, man!) will be done carbonating in a weeks time. It’s been a very long time in the making(lagering for a month, now). Very excited to try that.


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