New book.

I’ve been working for months going through all my old notebooks and records and even recreating some situations in said notebooks to verify their validity all so I could publish my book, which I have been writing for an equally long time.

“Decent Home Brewer, Bad Learner” is a chronicalling of my humble beginnings starting with a Mr. Beer kit leading up toDBBL.png the all-grain brewing I am doing now. It’s not a recipe book and it won’t teach you how to brew but it might teach you how to avoid certain situations. Inside are humorous anecdotes and situations that led to certain technical advances in my home brewing. There are a few recipes in there and maybe some tips, but I present mostly as a humorous retelling of all the gallons dumped and the messes made.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Here is an Amazon link below, where it is currently only available as an E-Book.

Decent Home Brewer, Bad Learner



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