The Pils = Brucifer.

Today, despite a real rough start, I was able to actually do the brew that was so brazenly declared “about to start” almost three days ago. Its a very simple grainbill. Sometimes the best things are the simplest, and who doesnt like a IMG_3595good Pilsner style lager?

It consists of:

91% Floor Malted Bohemian Pils
3% Acid Malt
3% Munich I Malt
3% Carafoam

As for Hops? A whole bunch of my favorites: Saaz.

Using a yeast I havent yet before. Wyeast Urquell Yeast. Making a few liters of it for the pitch. Woohoo! Can’t wait to try this in about 6 weeks. Wish it luck!

Brew on!



2 thoughts on “The Pils = Brucifer.

  1. […] Brucifer  was one of those beers where the brew day was pretty great. The temperatures were hit, the schedule was on time. The additions were exactly to plan and the ingredients were as fresh as I could get them. My one suspicion was that the yeast didn’t grow to the levels needed for a proper lager. I figured at the very least I would be at 90% of what Beersmith said I needed for proper fermentation. I guess I’ll never know now. The beer fermented for the better part of 4 weeks. I could tell though that it was never going to be what I needed or wanted. The gravity never dropped below 1.020. On top of that, I don’t like to play around with my beers and repitch. It would just be a result that was not repeatable. I did what I think I had to do. I dumped the batch. I also suspect that perhaps I needed to boil all that pilsner malt for a full 90 and I may have cut a corner there. Who me? Yeah… Read my book, its my M.O., as you’ll see. […]


  2. Dat ziet er supergezellig uit zeg. Spijtig dat ik er zelf niet bij was. Fantastisch idee in elk geval. Ook het dansje voor de musical ziet er heel erg leuk uit. Antje is ook doiahtnouslest over de hele lieve Juf Hilde die alles weet over Spaanse dansen. We zijn erg benieuwd en wensen jullie veel deugd bij het inoefenen!


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