First Taste: Cram Ale

My good British friend Crammond is about to celebrate his birthday again. It seemed only fitting to make a Cram-Ale for his birthday celebrations. It was designed as a blend of an English Mild and a Scottish 60 Shilling. After tasting it, the final verdict is similar to a Northern English Brown ale. Imagine cracking open a traditional Newcastle. Subtract a touch of the bitterness. Add some roastyness, and toffee as well. The finish has a nice chocolate note, probably from the special roast. It really is fantastic! I’m very selective about which ones make it to competitions, but this one will. In two weeks time I’ll submit it.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

26 IBU
4.3% ABV
OG: 1.046
FG 1.013.

Actually, this beer has a lot of things in it…
Pale Malts – 35%
Golden Promise 20%
Special Roast – 5%
Munich – 25%
The remaining 15 percent is split up between Honey Malt, Acid Malt, Black Roasted Barley, and some Cara’s. Of course, I created a 1 Liter starter of English ESB Yeast.
Traditional, all Kent Goldings hops. 2.5oz in total for a 6.5g batch.

I debated making this a traditional cask ale, but since I havent made it before I didnt want to flirt with disaster on a botched carbonation. I only had 5 weeks to make a starter, brew the beer, ferment it, carbonate it and bottle it.

Hard to beat. I think this will serve his birthday party quite well.

The official beer bottle label in his traditional Watford colors. 

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